Ancestry DNA txt file or zip file:

What does this tool do?

This tool will convert an raw dna file into a format accepted by FTDNA using a blank template of a known v2.0 working file format.

All chromosomes and positions in the file are scanned and inserted into the proper positions in the template file ignoring RSID differences in favor of the RSID used in the template file for those positions.

Any SNPs not found in the template will be discarded and any SNPs not found in the uploaded file will be no-calls(0) or insert or delete values(I or D as contained in the working template file).

The header from the template file is also used, replacing only the date and time when this tool was used to generate the new file.

The tool will display stats at the end as an overview of what was changed, how much dna was discarded during the conversion, etc.

You can then click the download button to download the converted file as a zip file, ready to be uploaded to FTDNA, GEDMATCH, etc.

The test results page can be safely shared with others to view the stats but is only downloadable as a file if connecting from the same ip address as the uploader.

The template file is available for review here:

This is designed for a "non-working"(not 18,110,076 bytes) v2.0 which is typically 99.84% overlap. It will work with a v1.0 file, but the overlap is only ~60%. If you have a v1.0 file that isn't being accepted by FTDNA, please contact me and I can make a tool that uses a working v1.0 template instead. At this time, I'm not aware of any v1 files having this issue though.

Contact me on the FTDNA forums HERE or visit the thread about this problem HERE

Changelog: 2017-10-24 13:11:11 - Added double-linespacing detection and filtering, and also whitespace trimming

Execution time: 0.001 seconds